Black Snoek caught in Addu breaks world record

Tristan Terorotua | Photo: Instagram

Malé, Maldives – A Black Snoek caught in Addu atoll waters in March 2022 has broken the official IGFA All-Tackle World Record for the largest fish of its kind.

The Black Snoek weighing 14.06 kgs and 173.9 cm in length was caught by US national Tristan Terorotua on March 15. Terorotua caught the fish while testing the new spathe rods. The deep-sea fish usually found 400 m below the surface was caught at 300 m in the Addu atoll.

Terorotua thanked Addu Sports Fishing for putting him in a position to catch “a fish of a lifetime.”

Addu Sports Fishing also congratulated Terorotua for his win stating that they were honoured and proud to be part of the magnificent achievement.