Brazil donates 800,000 vaccine doses to Maldives

Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil to the Republic of Maldives, Sergio Luiz Canaes, with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih | Photo: President's Office

Malé, Maldives – Ambassador of Brazil to Maldives stated on Monday that the Brazil Ministry of Public Health will dispatch 800,000 doses of vaccine later this month.

The new Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil to the Republic of Maldives, Sergio Luiz Canaes, stated this while presenting his credentials to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

President Solih extended his gratitude for Brazil’s support to the Maldives during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The President and the Ambassador spoke extensively afterwards on further strengthening Maldives-Brazil relations and other mutually concerning issues.

After congratulating the Ambassador on his new appointment, President Solih noted that this year marks the 34th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries. He stressed the close ties between the two, extending his assurances of continuing to foster the relationship and cooperation.

The President and the Ambassador discussed a wide range of topics, including the Covid-19 pandemic, trade, the economy and commerce, tourism, climate change and sustainable development, and other issues of global concern. Briefing the Ambassador on the administration’s aim of achieving more sustainable growth, President Solih stated that he wished to strengthen cooperation on boosting the Maldives’ blue economy.

Discussing the effects of climate change on livelihoods, food security, development, and the existence of the Maldives and its people, President Solih stressed the need for urgent climate action. President Solih also spoke with the Ambassador about increasing the number of tourist arrivals from Brazil.

Speaking with the President, the Brazilian Ambassador expressed gratitude for the Maldives’ support and cooperation with Brazil on the international stage.

President Solih and Ambassador Canaes reiterated their commitment to bolster Maldives-Brazil relations further and strengthen cooperation on the international front.