Maldives to appoint Ambassador to Palestine for the first time

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih giving the presidential address to the nation on the first parliamentary sitting of 2021 | Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced that an ambassador from Maldives to Palestine will be appointed for the first time this year.

While giving the presidential address, President Solih stated that a non-resident ambassador would be appointed to Palestine within the efforts of the administration to rebuild the weakened diplomatic ties between various countries.

President Solih stated that high level discussion are ongoing to strengthen the existing relations between the two countries and gave the reassurance that Maldivians will always be with the people of Palestine. Maldives established diplomatic ties with Palestine in 1988.

President Solih also highlighted the assistance extended by foreign countries and various international organizations during the peak of Covid-19 pandemic and thanked all the parties who helped Maldives. President Solih also stated that the assistance from all such parties were a sign of the strong relationships that were being rebuild during his administration.

President Solih stated that the governments foreign policy is based on the continued independence and sovereignty of Maldives, and the welfare of the citizens while fostering any ties with foreign nations. President also stated that protecting human rights, upholding democracy and protecting Maldives from environmental changes were also key policies which the Maldivian foreign policy is built on.