JUST IN: Fire breaks out at GDh. Atoll island under resort development

Lonudhuhutta fire | Photo: MNDF

Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives – Maldives National Defence Force on Tuesday reported that firemen from the Thinadhoo fire station are en route to GDh. Lonudhuhutta island.

GDh. Lonudhuhutta island is an uninhabited island leased for resort development. Reports suggest that the development has been halted for a time.

The President of Gadhdhoo Island Council, Mohamed Ahmed, closest island to Lonudhuhuttaa, state that the island is in the care of a company. Small fires were reported to have been observed from the island. Ahmed suspects that the fire was caused by small fires set in the island.

Regional news “Gaafu” reports that Lonudhuhuttaa island currently houses accommodation blocks and warehouses for resort development. Initial reports suggest that there are no inhabitants on the island at the time of the fire.