Government proposes 22 bills for parliament’s second term

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath giving an interview at Attorney General's Office | Photo: PSM

Malé, Maldives – President’s Office on Tuesday submitted a list of 22 proposed bills at the parliament from the government.

The list has been presented amid the early closing of parliament sessions due to lack of work. Nine of


The proposed bills include amendments to various acts in the judiciary including the Judicature (1), Judges (2) and Judicial Services Commission (3) Acts, and the Legal Profession Act (4).


In addition, amendments are also proposed to the Criminal Procedure Act (5), Penal Code (6), Criminal Legal Aid (7), Drugs Act (8), Prevention of Terrorism Act (9), Gang Related Crimes Act (10), Prohibiting ‎Threatening and Possession of Dangerous Weapons and Sharp ‎Objects (11), Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Act (12) and Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Act (13).


Amendments to the Public Finance Act (14), Foreign Investment Bill (15), Income Tax Act (16) and Arbitration Act (17).


Waste Management Act (18) and amendments to the Utility Regulations Act (19).


Healthcare Safety Bill (20), Maldives Health Services Bill (21), Healthcare Professionals Act (22).

The AG Office has drafted and submitted 9 of the bills (italicized) at the President’s Office to be proposed to the parliament.