Afcons guarantees work completion on time

Press meeting held with Maldivian journalists by Afcons | Photo: ToA

Mumbai, Maldives – Indian engineering and construction company Afcons Infrastructure Limited has assured Maldives that the company will complete all work in accordance with the promised timeline.

Adding to his statement with Maldivian journalists at a press conference held at the head quarters of the company in Mumbai, Director of Operations RVR Kishore further assured the public that the company’s work will reflect the standards expected by Maldivians, and that the company has always concluded all, specially foreign projects as per undertaken timelines.

The company which is currently contracted to develop roads in Addu City as well as the bridge linking Villimalé and Gulhifalhu bridge reiterated that the company will conclude the bridge by July of 2023 and that the Addu roads will also be finished around that time.

Detailing their progress so far, they announced that all geotechnical surveys of the bridge project has been completed and that all other tasks are right on track, being carried out by a team of 585 – which is expected to exceed 900 within the next four months.

With this, vehicles will be able to commute between Malé, and Villingili via the bridge by July 2023 and the entire project will be wrapped by by the end of 2024, said Afcons.

The Thilamalé bridge project was contracted to Afcons on 26th August, 2021, to be completed within two years. This is by far the largest project to be carried about by the incumbent government.