Maldives condemns BJP’s Islamophobic insults

Malé, Maldives – The government of the Maldives has united with other Muslim nations by issuing an official statement condemning the Islamophobic remarks and insults on Prophet Muhammad by certain officials of Bharatiya Janata Party of India

The statement from the government comes at a time in which India has already been embroiled in protests and backlash from many Gulf countries, after party officials’ anti-Islam remarks about Islam’s most revered figure, Prophet Muhammad. In this statement, the Maldivian government expressed deep concerns over such remarks and the attack on the religion of Islam that may distort its true nature, while attempting to demean the Prophet. The statement also urges the Government of India to denounce the Islamophobic narrative of the concerned officials and for prompt action to be taken against them.

While India was quick to come under fire from several Islamic countries and their governments, calling out for the boycott of Indian products and condemning the statements of BJP’s officials, MP Adam Shareef of the Maduvvari constituency has expressed his concerns earlier today in the People’s Majilis proposing an emergency debate over the indifferent response of the Maldivian government to the extremely Islamophobic narrative of BJP officials. Shareef has noted the immediate action from other Muslim nations while the Maldivian government has remained silent on it. He urged the government to act promptly and firmly condemn the remarks of the BJP spokespersons. However his motion was met with lukewarm reaction from the Majlis after 33 members voted it out, while only 10 members voted in favor of it.

Ruling party MDP has also denounced the provocative remarks of BJP members in a press release, intensely condemning the actions of the Indian officials and called it out as an uncivilized state of matters from BJP. Indian media reports that BJP has taken action against its concerned officials, with one being expelled and the other temporarily suspended from party proceedings.