Man dies during accident transporting coconut palms to resort

Palm trees removed from inhabited islands to use for landscaping resorts. | Photo: Mihaaru

Noonu Atoll, Maldives – Police confirmed on Monday that a man has died in N. Landhoo while loading coconut palms to be transported to a neighbouring resort.

Local news reports suggest that the man was hit by the soil-filled root system of a coconut palm and died immediately. Initial reports identify the man as a 53 year old Bangladeshi native. Earlier this month a migrant worker died amidst unloading marble sheets from a container at Hulhumale’ Phase II while another was critically injured.

Spectators to the event state that the man was hit by the falling root system and collapsed. He was declared dead on arrival at 16:15 today. Responders state that the victim was assisted immediately upon collapse but had passed on by then.

The palms were removed from 100 land plots and in the process of transportation to “Siyam World Maldives” according to local news Mihaaru. EPA permission is required for the removal and transport of coconut palms from their native islands for landscaping purposes at resorts.

Police are now investigating the case.