Low voter turnout in Addu City

Addu City, Maldives – The voter turnout at the voting stations in Addu City remain low as the Local Council Election (LCE) and Women’s Development Committee Election (WDCE) 2021 continues in the country.

The President of Elections Commission (EC) has expressed concern over the low voter turnout which lead to late opening of some voting stations. As of 08:20 today, only 72% voting stations were operational due to low voter turnout across the country.

Voting station for Addu City in Malé had low voter turnout as well as of this morning.

At present EC President Shareef informs that voting has started in Sri Lanka, India, and in all islands of Maldives.

242 vote boxes in Malé, 325 vote boxes in the islands, 137 vote boxes in resorts, 4 vote boxes in jails, 4 vote boxes in Lanka and a vote box in India, leading to a total of 713 voting boxes have been kept. Out of the 273,182 eligible voters, 5,134 are those who turned 18 within the year by which the election was postponed. 2,264 candidates will run for Local Council Elections and 1,670 candidates will run for Women’s Development Committees (WDC) election.

30 members were automatically given their places for 22 council positions, and 90 member were given their places in WDC for 31 positions.