Dhuvaafaru Council’s corruption to be investigated

Dhuvaafaru Council | Photo: Facebook

Malé, Maldives – The Anti Corruptions Commission (ACC) of Maldives has decided today to investigate the corruption allegations against Dhuvaafaru Island Council and it’s Women’s Development Committee (WDC).

Media Official of ACC Hassan Manik confirmed to local media that the allegations against the council and WDC were verified and that an investigation will be launched.

The accusations of corruption against the council came to light in a report released by the Local Government Authority (LGA), which revealed that MVR 2 million from the council’s budget was credited to personal bank accounts of the council and WDC members, which prompted LGA to raise the issue with ACC.

Additional issues concerning the council and WDC were also highlighted in the LGA report, including violations of Public Finance Regulations, Civil Service Regulations and well as other laws pertaining to finances. Details highlighted problematic practices of book keeping and distribution of cash to council members, WDC members and other staff members without any documentation and approval from relevant authorities.

Among those who received the largest sum from the total MVR 2 million is the Assistant Director of Dhuvaafaru Council Mohamed Alifulhu, who, according to the report, received MVR 711,617 in his bank account.

Another major issue highlighted in the report was the fact that Council Member Ahmed Samooh had worked full time at a resort during his time in office as an elected council member of Dhuvaafaru, adding on to the fact that the council did not raise or investigate the issue of some council members not attending work for more than 50 consecutive days without an acceptable cause, despite regulations stating that absenteeism of 7 consecutive days without an acceptable cause should result in the termination of employment.

Although ACC has decided to investigate the issues raised against Dhuvaafaru council, no further details have been released as to the scope and extent of the investigation yet.