Sri Lankan drug trafficker ‘Harak Kata’ with links to Maldives arrested in Dubai

Nadun Chinthaka Wickramaratne alias Harak Kata | Photo:

UAE – Sri Lankan media reports that Nadun Chinthaka Wickramaratne alias Harak Kata, one of the main underworld gang leaders engaged in drug trafficking from Dubai, was arrested on Thursday at the Dubai Airport.

The last time Wickramaratne travelled using his fake passport was to the Maldives in March 2022 via Dubai.

Sri Lankan Media

The arrest was made during a secret joint operation conducted by the Police Narcotics Bureau and the International Police.

Reports suggest that when Harak Kata was arrested at the airport, he was using the passport of a man who had died several years ago. The arrested has traveled to many countries including Malaysia and Singapore with the same foreign passport.

Sri Lankan media reports that the suspect has been in contact with drug traffickers in many countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Seychelles, and the Maldives, engaging in drug distribution while residing in Dubai.