Ministers Fayyaz and Imran stand against Parliamentary System

Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail (R) and Home Minister Imran Abdullah (L) | Photo: Majlis & Sun

Malé, Maldives – Two Cabinet Ministers of the incumbent government – Minister of Economic Developmed Fayyaz Ismail and Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdullah – have stood against the Parliamentary System proposed by Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

Both Ministers took the stance following Nasheed’s release of his proposed amendment to the constitution and subsequent press conference regarding the matter, ahead of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s congress where a vote will be called on the proposed amendment.

Commenting on the matter, Minister Fayyaz, who is also the Chairperson the ruling party MDP, said that he does not believe that the outcome of converting the country to a Parliamentary system would be good considering the small size of the country.

“The government’s control will go into the hands of a few in a Parliamentary system. The Presidential system gives the opportunity to all citizens,” Fayyaz said.

Fayyaz’s comments come as a blow to Nasheed, who, during his press conference yesterday, said that he really wants Fayyaz’s support in his endeavour to change the country’s political system.

Both Fayyaz and Nasheed have recently had growing tensions between them over their political views. However, Nasheed publicly announced earlier this month that he was wrong to go against Fayyaz.

On the other hand, Minister Imran also declared his stance against a possible Parliamentary system saying that it would end up with Maldivians being in trouble.

“A Parliamentary system is not suitable for Maldives. In today’s situation of the Maldives, a Parliamentary system would distrupt political stability, increase turnover of administrations, divide the public and weaken the public,” he said.

The MDP congress where the party will decide on whether to move forward with a motion to change the political system of the Maldives will be held on 19th August.