Vital to void agreements threatening sovereignty: Yameen

Official ceremony to present former President Yameen Abdul Qayyoom with the PPM-PNC coalition | Photo: PPM

Malé, Maldives – Speaking at the official party-ticket-handover ceremony of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People’s National Congress (PNC) coalition last night, former President Abdulla Yameen stated that it is vital for all agreements threatening the sovereignty of the country to be voided.

Yameen, who received the coalition’s ticket for the 2023 Presidential elections, detailed in his speech stating that [our] situation needs to be changed for the country. “The most important work we can do towards this is voiding all agreements that threaten sovereignty,” he said.

Speaking further to thousands of supporters who gathered to witness Yameen being officially introduced as the party’s ticket recipient, he criticised the incumbent administration harshly, adding that the voice of any politician courageous enough to lead the country according to the wishes of the people is not being heard, and neither is the voice of a politician who is courageous enough to implement the country’s foreign policy internationally.

Further in his dig at the current government, he said that this proves that such individuals are not ready to rule the country and that due to this, this task needs to be taken on by someone from PPM-PNC.

Referring to being awarded the party ticket, he then said that the coalition is entrusting him with a huge responsibility, and that while this is not one he wants to be carrying on his shoulders right now, it is one he must take on.

“Even now, my family is not fully supportive of this. But I am forced to take on this responsibility today,” Yameen said.

While Yameen has been officially presented with the PPM-PNC ticket for the Presidential elections, there are currently a number of active cases against him in Maldivian courts. If found convicted in any of the cases, Yameen will be disqualified from contesting in the election.