Maldives felt tremors of Indonesian earthquake, not expecting tsunami: MET

Police monitoring traffic in capital city Malé | Photo: Nishan Ali

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Meteorological Center (MET) has said that the 5.9 magnitude that hit Indonesia was also felt in the Maldives.

In detail, the authority stated that the earthquake that hit 198 kilometers from Padang City of West Sumatra at around 08:29 local time, was felt for roughly a minute in the capital of Maldives.

However, revealing concerns of a tsunami – that stems from the 2004 tsunami that killed over 200,000 people including several Maldivians – MET said that there is no threat of tsunami originating from this tremor.

The tremors in Malé City are reported to have felt around 09:02 local time, with at least one building reported to have been evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Maldives currently has two earthquake detection meters installed; one in Hdh. Hanimaadhoo and the other in L. Kadhhoo. The earthquake that was felt today was recorded form the meter in Hanimaadhoo.