Census field work concluded in Addu, some dwellings deliberately skipped!

Enumerators of Census 2022 for Addu City | Photo: NBS Twitter

Addu City, Maldives – National Bureau of Statistics has confirmed that all fieldwork relating to the Census 2022 of Maldives has officially concluded in Addu City.

The official duration of information collection for census is from 17th to 25th September. However, the field work of Addu has concluded two days early, and officially closed Thursday night.

The Times of Addu has been able to confirm that although the field work has officially concluded, information from some dwellings were not collected despite getting information-collection-appointments for dates after 22 September.

According to information received by The Times of Addu, information from around 50 dwellings in Feydhoo were not collected.

National Bureau of Statistics said that enumerators were encouraged to conclude field work by 18:00 during working dates. However, some enumerators in Addu City had to work past this time to ensure that the field work concluded by 22nd.

Prior to the commencement of information collection, the enumerators were also tasked with listing all dwellings and entities in the atoll. The duration given to the enumerators were between 13th and 14th September, with 15th and 16th also allowed should the listing process not conclude by the 14th.

Addu City officially concluded the listing process on the 14th. However, enumerators had to work on listings even on the 15th despite only getting paid for days “officially” worked.

NBS said that they are looking into the matter when The Times of Addu reached out to NBS for a comment.