Yoga Day Violence: 18 charged, Fazloon, Nishan & Mohamed facing terrorism charges

Extracted from a video captured from the yoga day attack

Malé, Maldives – The Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) has raised charges against a total of 18 individuals, including former MP Mohamed Ismail, Sheikh Fazloon Mohamed and Adam Nishan over the violence that broke out on International Yoga Day.

For inciting the violence that broke out during the Yoga Day event which was attended by high-profile figures including top government figures, ambassadors and UN representatives, former MP Mohamed Ismail is being charged with participating in an act of terrorism. This charges is raised against six other individuals who also took part in the act with him.

While 15 individuals also face charges of obstructing justice, one was charged with inciting violence using a weapon, while another three were charged with attempting to incite violence using a weapon.

Individuals charged with participating in an act of terrorism:

  • Former MP Mohamed Ismail
  • Abdullah Niyaz, G. Phoenix
  • Ali Mohamed, Ali Aabaadh/Th. Thimarafushi
  • Ibrahim Zihan, Milano/N. Velidhoo
  • Mohamed Shan, Annaarumaage/L. Mundoo
  • Hussain Ali, Baabooge/Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi
  • Ahmed Ali, M. Falhumatheege

Individuals charged with carrying out an act of terrorism:

  • Mohamed Zilian, MA. Kanuhuraa
  • Abdullah Rifaau, Narugisvilla/Th. Thimarafushi
  • Abubakur Faariu, Carnationmaage/N. Miladhoo
  • Ahmed Aksam, Alamaage/R. Kandholhudhoo
  • Ahmed Nasooh, Asrafeevilla/GA. Maamendhoo
  • Hassan Shifaz, M. Kudhehige
  • Shabim Adam, Aabaadheegulshan/F. Dharanboodhoo

Although a total of 21 individuals were arrested over the incident, almost everyone has been released from custody. In addition to the charges, Sheikhs Fazloon and Nishan have also had their preaching licenses suspended over the attack.