PG appeals to NIC over Police failure to keep drug lord in custody

Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Prosecutor General’s Office (PG Office) has decided to appeal with the National Integrity Commission (NIC) the decision of Maldives Police Service to release a drug lord against court orders.

The individual in question is Arushad Khalid, a person of interest suspected to be the leader of a major drug case in the country. He was taken into police custody after being brought into the country from Sri Lanka since he last fled abroad.

The case against him currently relates to the import of 9 kilos of drugs into the Maldives which was ruled in his favour by a lower court, and since appealed by the state.

In a statement released by PG office, it was revealed that Police did not seek counsel from the office before going against the court order to have Arshad appear in court in Police custody. The statement further read that due to this, PGO has decided to file a case with NIC as well as the Police Board against all Police officers who were involved in deciding to do so, as well as all officers who prepared the documents that led to the release of Arshad.

As of now, Arshad remains a free man after High Court refused to issue another order for his arrest as his release from custody was prior to him appearing before a judge. However, his passport has been confiscated.

As a result, PG Office’s statement also said that the office will be appealing the High Court’s decision to keep Arshad released with the Supreme Court.

Apart from the 9 kilo drug case, Arshad is also suspected to be the key person behind the import of 119 kilos of drugs into the country, for which he is yet to be charged.