Same-sex scandal: 3 persons’ case forwarded to PG

Three men in custody for same-sex relations, who's cases that have been escalated to PG Office

Malé, Maldives – Three persons’s cases have been forwarded to the Prosecutor General’s Office for their involvement in same-sex relations with Bangladeshi man MD Alamgir.

The trio are younger brother of Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed and prominent lawyer Nazim Sattar, former MP for Nolhivaram constituency Mohamed Nasheed and former Drug Enforcement Department Officer of Maldives Police Service Abdul Rahman Rafeeu – all of whom are under arrest.

PG office confirmed that the case has been received by the office, and stated that the case is being reviewed with a decision on the matter still pending.

Although local reports claim that the number of individuals who have had same-sex relations with Alamgir exceed 250, Police have debunked the claims and stated that the figure is well below 50.

Currently there are 5 people in custody, including the three individuals who’s cases have been escalated to PG office, over same-sex relations. The other individuals are journalist Abdullah Naseer and MD Alamgir himself.