Passengers outbound from Gan Airport stuck in Kaan’dedhhoo

Kaan’dedhhoo, Maldives – A Maldivian flight outbound from Gan International airport has been grounded in Kaan’dedhhoo Airport after the aircraft experienced a technical issue.

While it is unclear what the exact issue the with the flight which took off from the Gan Airport runway at around 04:30 this morning, passengers en route to Malé who were on the aircraft are still stuck at the domestic airport.

Speaking to adduLIVE, a passenger on the aircraft said that although Maldivian assured the passengers that it wouldn’t be long before a new aircraft arrives from Malé to transport them to Malé, this aircraft is yet to arrive.

“It has been so long since they’ve said that a flight would arrive within about an hour’s time. But we don’t even know if a flight has even departed from there [Malé],” a frustrated passenger said.

“They are saying it’s a technical issue, and that what ever they tried to fix didn’t work. So now we’re stuck here, not knowing what to do or when we can fly,” He said.

Maldivian is yet to make a comment regarding the matter.