Police request not to circulate video of accident which killed businessman Jumbo Isse

A screenshot of the video of the accident that killed businessman Ismail Moosa (Jambo Isse). | Photo: Social Media

Malé, Maldives – Police have asked not to circulate the video of the accident on the Sinamalé Bridge on Friday.

Jambo Ismail Moosa (Jambo Isse), a businessman who returned to Maldives after living in Bangkok for 22 years, died in an accident at the Sinamalé Bridge.

Isse died after being taken to Treetop Hospital for treatment after a motorcycle collided with a car near the traffic light on the bridge at around 2:30 pm today. 

However, doctors pronounced him dead at the time of his arrival at the hospital. He was 54 years old when he died.

The incident was captured on a camera on the bridge. However, the video has been posted on social media today.

Police said the family of Jambo Isse has shared their concerns with the police. Therefore, police have asked the police not to circulate the video on social media.

Police said they are investigating how the video became public and take action.

“A lot of police operational and investigation personnel have access to the CCTV camera footage,” the media official said in response to questions from journalists.

The incident occurred when Isse, who had been abroad for several days, was driving at a red traffic light near the bridge.

Isse, who runs a shoe factory in Thailand, manufactures and supplies shoes to retailers in Maldives. He was working as the managing director of his Jumbo Forwarding company, at its headquarters in Bangkok.

Local media reports state that Isse came to Maldives this time to open an office of his company in Malé.