Members less likely to vote for Pres. Solih expelled: Speaker Nasheed

Former President and Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed speaking to his supporters in GDh. Thinadhoo. | Photo: Gaafu

Malé, Maldives – Former President and MDP President Mohammed Nasheed has accused that the people who were expelled from the register of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) were those who would not have voted for President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih.

Nasheed tweeted today that one of the most important foundations of the MDP is free and fair elections, but President Solih has expelled more than 39,000 members from the party.

While the list needed cleaning up, he has removed all the original party members less likely to vote for him [President Solih].

Former President and MDP President Mohammed Nasheed

The allegation comes while MDP Deputy Chairman Ibrahim Waheed said 17,156 people were removed from the register because they belonged to other parties.

MDP today asked those who have left the party without signing up for another party to complete a complaint form and return to the party.

MDP primary has been announced and both President Solih and Nasheed have decided to contest the primary. The primary will be held on the 28th of next month.