Over 57,000 eligible voters in MDP presidential primaries

Speaker of Parliament and President of MDP, Mohamed Nasheed (L), Minister of Economic Development and Chairperson of MDP, Fayyaz Ismail (C) and President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (R) having a discussion during the MDP congress 2022 | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has announced that more than 57,000 members are eligible to vote in the presidential primary election between President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih and Parliament Speaker Mohammed Nasheed.

According to the MDP voters list released yesterday, 57,714 people will be able to vote in the party’s primary.

The party opened the opportunity to submit complaints about the primary yesterday. Complaints on the voters list can be submitted until 4:00 pm on the 1st of next month.

The final voters list for the presidential primary will be released on 3rd of next month. The party said those who have registered as party members till the 18th of this month will be able to vote in the primary.

The MDP yesterday formed a three-member committee to look into complaints related to the primary. The committee includes former MDP Legal Committee Chairman Ahmed Abdullah Afeef, Local Government Authority (LGA) Chairman Afshan Latheef and Mohammed Hashim.

Voters list for the primary has been published while MDP President Mohammed Nasheed has accused that President Solih has expelled more than 39,000 members from the party. He also told that the people who were expelled from the register of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) were those who would not have voted for President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih.

However, the party has issued a statement denying the allegations. Party’s chairperson, Fayyaz Ismail told that 39,910 people have been removed from the MDP register because they are not on the MDP register maintained by the Election Commission.

The members removed from the MDP register include:

  • PPM – 6,357 members
  • JP – 3,788 members
  • MTD – 1,543 members,
  • MDA – 3,086 members
  • MRM – 928 members
  • Adhaalat Party – 1,711 members
  • Congress Party – 58 Members
  • MSDP – 875 members
  • DRP – 389 members
  • MNP – 3,845 members
  • PNC – 698 members