MDP is losing its “cult” characteristic: MP Rozaina

MP Rozaina Adam seen with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih during the commencement ceremony of Addu land reclamation project. | Photo: PO

Addu Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam has said that more people will be joining Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) in the future as the “cult” characteristics of the party starts to fade away.

Following the handing over the forms of 2,500 newly joined members from 12 constituencies to the party secretariat yesterday, she tweeted that the MDP would win this year’s presidential election in a single round.

Recently, the number of people signing up for the MDP has been increasing in different parts of the country. and the MDP is the largest party in the country.

“The more the MDP loses its cult character, the more people will join the party,” Rose said. “MDP will move forward fast”

So far, the MDP has been known to revolve around Nasheed, who is still the party’s president. Nasheed was described as the party’s “spiritual leader” or “president of hearts”

However, the MDP no longer has the support, love and praise for Nasheed. This was most noticeable in the party’s presidential primary held in January. In it, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih defeated Nasheed to win the presidential ticket.

Nasheed’s faction had later started a separate political movement called “The Revival of an Ideology” and had now proposed to register it as a political party under the name of “The Democrats”.

Maldivian Democratic Party has also moved a no-confidence motion against the Speaker of the Parliament, former president Mohamed Nasheed with 54 signatures.