Qasim, not a challenge for the President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (L), and Leader of Jumhooree Party Qasim Ibrahim (R) | Photo: Mihaaru

MP for Maamigili and leader of coalition party Jumuhooree Party, Hon. Qasim Ibrahim is not a notable opponent, says Spokesperson for the President Mr. Miuvan Abdulla.

After a landslide victory against former President and close best friend, Nasheed, President Solih immediately started to strengthen his stance for the Presidential Election, to be held in September this year. President Solih has already guaranteed the backing of Adhaalath Party and its leader, Home Minister Imran Abdullah.

Simultaneously, team of the President had been working tirelessly to get the other Major party in the coalition, JP to back President Solih for the election as well. Their work has yet to bear any fruit as MP Qasim has not yet announced a decision for his role in the election. However, the JP congress unanimously voted to compete in the election with their own candidate. This meeting was not attended by the President or his Vice, who remains a JP member.

The President’s spokesperson Miuvan Abdullah has addressed regarding the issue today. Answering a question from a journalist at a press conference held at the President’s Office, Miuvan said President Solih doesn’t feel Hon. Qasim could give the slightest challenge to him, should he compete against the President in September.

However, if Qasim’s decision is to compete in the election, President Solih will discuss with Qasim himself, Spokesperson assured. But that may pose a challenge to the cabinet ministers’ who are there with a slot from JP, he spoke further. “The top priority of the President remains serving the Maldivian people. To do that he will continue working with people who are willing to work with the Government and serve its people. However, if anybody is trying to work against the President, while being in the Government, that may pose challenges.” Miuvan said.

President Solih firmly believes he can compete in the Presidential election and win easily with his current alies.

As of now, former President and opposition leader Yameen cannot compete in this year’s election. He has been serving a jail sentence for money laundering, proved in Criminal Court. Yameen’s legal team has appealed the ruling. Prosecutor General’s office has other cases against Yameen, which will be scheduled soon as well. PPM is yet to decide on its decision for the upcoming election too.