Ameen to lead JP presidential election campaign

JP's deputy leader Ameen Ibrahim seen speaking with JP Leader Qasim Ibrahim. | Photo: JP

Malé, Maldives – Jumhooree Party’s Deputy Leader Ameen Ibrahim has been appointed to plan their presidential campaign for this year’s presidential election.

JP said the party’s leader Qasim Ibrahim had entrusted Ameen with the campaign planning for the upcoming presidential election. Qasim has asked all JP members to cooperate with Ameen

JP has decided to contest the presidential election after President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih invited the party to remain in coalition with him for a second term.

According to JP Constitution, the party’s presidential candidate is the party leader. JP leader Qasim contested the 2008 and 2013 presidential elections. In none of these presidential elections did he get enough votes to go to the second round.

The party, which has decided to contest the election separately, has now decided to join the faction of former President Mohammed Nasheed and the two parties have started working on a joint manifesto.

Qasim recently met with the ruling coalition MRM and Jamiyyatul Salaf to discuss the presidential election.