Will contest presidential election even if I am alone: Qasim Ibrahim

Leader of Jumhooree Party and member of Maamigili Constituency, Qasim Ibrahim | Photo: Mohamed Shahuran

Jumhooree Party (JP) leader and presidential candidate Qasim Ibrahim has said that he will contest the presidential election even if he had to do it alone.

Speaking at the JP council meeting held today, Gasim said there are some people were questioning whether he would contest the presidential election or not and that it’s not something to be doubted about.

Since Qasim announced that he will contest the September 9 presidential election, there have been rumors that he has not done much for the campaign.

Some allege that Qasim is silent to see what PPM presidential candidate and former President Abdullah Yameen, who has been sentenced to 11 years in jail, does.

He said he would not wait for anyone to contest the presidential election even if he was alone.

Qasim has contested the 2008 and 2013 presidential elections. In none of these presidential elections did he get enough votes to go to the second round.

The JP, which is part of the ruling coalition, has decided to contest the presidential election after being invited by the MDP presidential candidate, President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih.

Qasim recently met with the ruling coalition MRM and Jamiyyatul Salaf to discuss the presidential election. JP is also in talks to form a coalition with the MDP’s President Mohammed Nasheed’s faction.