I am criticized for being a woman: Mariya

Defence Minister Mariya Didi (C) | Photo: MNDF

Malé, Maldives – Defence Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi has described the criticisms leveled against her for the motorcade of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih being obstructed during an opposition coalition protest Monday night as criticisms directed at her because she is a woman.

Returning after an event in Hulhumalé, President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih’s motorcade reached the opposition PPM office on Bodothakurfaanu Magu around 11:00pm, Monday night. The opposition members obstructed the motorcade and stopped the entire motorcade.

Videos circulating on social media showed the protesters refusing to leave the scene when the army’s Special Security Force came down from their vehicles with weapons and ordered them to leave. 

However, the President’s motorcade was forced to turn around and take another road after protestors refused to clear the path. The motorcade was stopped for about 15 minutes.

In a tweet, she said no one is criticizing the Health Minister for an operation that went wrong at the IGMH. She further added that even if the police did something wrong, they would not blame the Home Minister.

However, if something goes wrong in the MNDF at the operational or tactical level, the blame goes to the Defence Minister, who is a woman, she said.

Some MPs have also called for Maria’s resignation over the obstruction of the President’s motorcade.

A special committee has been formed by Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) to investigate the incident.

The committee was formed by Minister Mariya in consultation with the MNDF leadership.

Colonel Abdullah Ibrahim, who was the commanding officer of the Presidential Guard, was isolated from his duties and responsibilities and Major Ibrahim Haleem has been temporarily assigned to run the Presidential Guard.