Officer suspended for Presidential security failure promoted to Brigadier General

Presidential Security Commanding Officer, Colonel Abdullah Ibrahim. | Photo: Mihaaru

Presidential security’s Commanding Officer, Colonel Abdullah Ibrahim who has been suspended from his job after the President’s motorcade got stuck in the middle of an opposition protest has been promoted to Brigadier General.

Abdullah, who holds the rank of colonel, was suspended from his post as the commanding officer of the Presidential Guard for obstructing President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih’s motorcade on March 20 night.

In a statement issued on March 21, MNDF said Abdullah was removed from his post in accordance with the procedures followed by the institute in the event of such an incident.

Returning after an event in Hulhumalé, President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih’s motorcade reached the opposition PPM office on Bodothakurfaanu Magu around 11:00pm, March 20 night. The opposition members obstructed the motorcade and stopped the entire motorcade.

Videos which circulated on social media showed the protesters refusing to leave the scene when the army’s Special Security Force came down from their vehicles with weapons and ordered them to leave. 

However, the President’s bodyguards were forced to turn around and take another road after protestors refused to clear the path.

The motorcade was stopped for about 15 minutes while Commanding Officer Colonel Abdullah was also present.

The Commanding Officer or Deputy Commanding Officer usually attends ceremonies and events attended by the President.

The 241 Committee of the Parliament has also investigated the failure of the President’s security.