Presidential election will not be fair: MP Shiyam

Naifaru constituency MP Ahmed Shiyam | Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives – Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam has said that there is evidence that the presidential election will not be fair.

Speaking in the Parliament today, Shiyam responded to the remarks made by pro-government MPs that the government has provided basic services in the islands.

He said the water problem in Naifaru constituency has not been resolved yet and the people are still concerned about it. There are also concerns about the sewerage and electricity problems in the constituency, he said.

There are still big promises made by this government to the people and they must be fulfilled, he said. Government said it will give zero tolerance to corruption but all the projects are full of corruption.

The MMPRC case is also a promise of the government, but it is not being investigated either, and Former President Abdullah Yameen has been arrested for political purposes, Shiyam added.

In addition, he said, if an election is held, the government influences it. They also started projects worth MVR 500 million for the Kommandoo by-election, which is to influence the election.

Noting that the by-election in Guraidhoo constituency is coming up, Shiyam said that the projects in the islands of the constituency have already started to be signed.

Such things are not done with good intentions and sincerity, he said.

The government is also influencing journalists in various ways and what is happening now shows that the presidential election will not be fair, he said.

He said he has not forgotten how much President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih influenced the MDP’s internal primary for a second term and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih cannot escape the pockets of influential businessmen.