Amru sacked from STO

Managing Director of State Trading Organisation (STO) Hussain Amru. | Photo: PSM News

Malé, Maldives – The Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB) today approved the removal of Hussain Amru Rashad as the Managing Director of the State Trading Organization (STO), as requested by the President’s Office.

The company has been temporarily handed over to Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mohammed Nizam.

Request to remove Amru, who belongs to the internally conflicted MDP President Mohammed Nasheed faction, was sent to the PCB earlier today by the President’s Office.

Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohammed told local media that changes are always made in the management of government companies and Amru was removed from his post as part of such a change.

Amru has been working openly on the side of MDP President Mohammed Nasheed since the party’s presidential campaign held in January. 

Nasheed, who lost the primary against President Solih last January to nominate a candidate for this year’s presidential election, is currently working to form a separate faction within the MDP.

The matter heated up after Former MDP Chairperson and Henveyru West Constituency Member Hassan Latheef and STO CEO and Managing Director Hussain Amru attended the meeting held with Jumhoory Party (JP) on behalf of Nasheed.

Some people have been calling for STO MD, Hussain Amru’s removal from office as he is working as a representative of Nasheed’s faction.

Governments decision to remove Amru also comes while MDP President and Speaker of parliament, Mohammed Nasheed had said that there is no need for those in government positions to resign and that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih cannot remove them from office.