Government could not win popular support: Amru

State Trading Organization's (STO) former Managing Director Hussain Amru.

Malé, Maldives – Former STO Managing Director Hussain Amru has said that the government of President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih has no support from the people even as his term of office is coming to an end.

Amru, who was sacked last month for being on the faction of MDP President Mohammed Nasheed, said in a statement yesterday that the government had abandoned the policies of MDP for the past four years and had been doing things without a specific policy or goal.

Amru said the government had to increase taxes on citizens and tourists and reduce the purchase price of fish as result of government expenditure being increased and projects being left unchecked.

He said that during the four years of the government, he had made recommendations in meetings, messages and letters to improve the situation. Amru said STO had followed the policies abandoned by the government.

He said the government has not won the support of the people in its four years. He said the government and parliament have a clear majority and the fact that they cannot win the elections without a coalition at the end of a five-year term shows that the government lacks the support of the people.

He also added that when any by-elections come up, the entire government budget is spent on projects in the constituency and the government companies have to give jobs to everyone in the island.

The people’s trust in MDP has been lost and the party is likely to lose the upcoming presidential election, he said. He said many people loyal to the MDP did not leave the party because they were confused about the party’s policies.

“I also worked very sincerely and in good faith to promote and implement those policies. I had to choose another option because my efforts to bring about reforms on many occasions did not receive any response or cooperation,” Amru said.