JSC investigated only 3.8% complaints last year

JSC President Hisaan Hussein handing letter of appointment to Chief judge of High Court Haathif Haleem | Photo: JSC

Judicial Service Commission only investigated 3.8% of total complaints that were submitted last year, annual report shows.

The commission to oversee Judiciary of the country received 392 complaints against judges and magistrates in 2022. However, JSC decided to investigate only 15 complaints last year.

MP for Thulhaadhoo Hisaan Hussain, who is the president of JSC has defended their slow progress last year. Hisaan believes that this is a sign of improvement in areas they aimed to improve. Her justification of the figure said that the behavior of Judges has improved, this is the reason they decided not to investigate more claims.

Last year was a busy and productive year for JSC, Hisaan added further. From 74 meetings, a total of 512 decisions were reached last year.