“President can ensure victory only with Nasheed on his team”

Vice President of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Mohamed Shifaz. | Photo: The Edition

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih must solve issues with former President Mohamed Nasheed, in order to ensure victory in the upcoming Presidential Election, says Vice President of MDP, Mohamed Shifaz.

Talking to ‘Adhadhu’ news, Shifaz has raised concerns over President’s teams’ lack of communication with Nasheed. He believes that President and his team has not made an effort to resolve internal disputes among the former two best friends. “I do not believe the conflict among the two cannot be resolved. It can. However, I don’t see any effort made to do so. President Solih cannot win this (2023 Presidential election) without the help of President Nasheed.” Shifaz added.

Talks has been held with Nasheed’s team and JP, these past few weeks. Reports suggests that former Speaker and leader of JP, Qasim Ibrahim is a strong candidate to challenge President Solih in this year’s Presidential election, with the backing of former Presidents, Nasheed and Maumoon.

All parties has confirmed about the talks held, but no party has confirmed about a decision regarding the elections.