Free and open to the public: Coral Festival 2023 kicks off tomorrow in Addu City

The Maldives Coral Institute is set to host the Coral Festival 2023 from 28th to 30th of this month at the Hithadhoo Campus of the Maldives National University.

The festival’s objective is to promote awareness of the crucial significance of the country’s coral reefs and their preservation. The event is expected to be attended by coral experts, Maldivian organizations, political leaders, and the marine ecosystem.

Keynote speeches will be delivered by relevant officials, including Minister Fayyaz Ismail, Health Minister Ahmed Naseem, and Seychelles Minister of Agriculture.

The festival will also feature talks, presentations, and Q&A sessions with experts, along with a debate tournament involving school children in the MNU Hithadhoo Campus auditorium, which is open to the public.

The Coral Institute will host six workshops for the public, which will be educational and interactive, in addition to the activities mentioned.

Advanced registration for the festival’s workshop activities is open this week, and the festival is free of charge.

Additionally, the festival includes excursions such as a nature park tour and a Meedhoo dive event.