Increased salaries for healthcare workers announced!

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at the Workers' Congress of the Maldives Trade Union Congress (MTUC). | Photo: President’s Office

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced the salary increase for health workers.

According to the President, a total of 9,838 employees will be positively affected by the change, along with the 35 percent allowance for those who have not received the 35 percent allowance in government ministries.

The state will spend about MVR 482 million annually additionally with the salary increases, he said.

The salary of a registered nurse, who earns an average of MVR 20,459, has now been increased to MVR 29,271 The salary of a specialist nurse has been increased to MVR 41,976 without overtime allowance.

A senior medical officer would earn an average of MVR 28,727 per month previously with overtime allowance will earn MVR 41,541 per month without overtime allowance with the new change. The top salary of sub-specialist consultants has now been increased to MVR 98,137 without overtime allowance.

A social worker who used to earn an average of MVR 12,944 per month with overtime allowance with the change in salary, will now earn an average of MVR 21,585 per month without overtime allowance.

Along with the salaries of health workers, the salaries of social service workers, including psychologists, councillors, social workers and social service workers, will also be improved from next month.

The 35 percent allowance will also be available from tomorrow onward, to those in government ministries who have not received it.

The President said that an intern allowance will be given to those who complete medical and dental internships and scholarship and loan programs will be introduced to build people in the health sector.