No challenge to President even if Nasheed supporters leave MDP: Miuwan

Spokesperson of President's Office, Mohamed Miuvan | Photo: President's Office

Even if the supporters of Speaker of Parliament, former President Mohammed Nasheed leave the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), there is no challenge to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in the upcoming presidential election, Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed has said.

A new party called “Fikurehge dhirun” – translating in to ”birth of an ideology,” –, including MPs to separated from MDP and some senior MDP leaders, was announced yesterday. Some of the MDPs common members have also decided to leave the MDP to join the newly formed party, which Nasheed is also participating in.

Members of “Fikurehge dhirun” also announced that the newly formed party would contest the presidential election. Nasheed is expected to be the party’s presidential candidate.

At a press conference at the President’s Office, Miuwan said the President remained very strong despite some members leaving the party because they were unhappy with the rules.

“Some people have not accepted the party’s internal election or internal party mechanisms because of a particular person, but the President is very strong. The party has the support of the President. The team working with the President is still with the President. So there doesn’t seem to be a challenge to the president because some MPs left the party,” Miuwan said.

He said the President’s top priority is to fulfill his presidential pledges. Miuwan said his campaign to win the presidential election is also going strong.