Afshan appointed as spokesperson of new party Nasheed is trying to form

Former CEO of Local Government Authority, Afshal Latheef. | Photo: Sun

Afshan Latheef, who resigned as the CEO of the Local Government Authority (LGA) last week, has been appointed as the spokesperson of the new party that former President Mohammed Nasheed is trying to form.

Former MDP Chairperson Hassan Latheef, a senior member of Nasheed’s “Fikurehge dhirun” – translating in to ”birth of an ideology,” –, tweeted that Afshan has been appointed as the spokesperson for the party.

Afshan is the wife of Hussain Amru, who was sacked as the Managing Director of STOC after campaigning for Nasheed in the party’s presidential primary with the anti-government faction within the MDP.

Apart from Nasheed, members of the MDP belonging to the “Fikurehge dhirun” left MDP last Wednesday, following which they also announced that they had decided to form a new party. There are 12 MPs who represent the party in the Parliament. In addition to the 12 MPs, Nasheed’s faction member Ali Azim was also expelled from the MDP last week.

Twelve members of the Nasheed faction decided to leave the MDP last week after the party’s action committee decided to expel Ali Azim from the party.

Azim was taken to task for his involvement in the opposition’s efforts to file a no-confidence motion against MDP-affiliated Attorney General Ibrahim Rifath. Azim has signed the resolution which has been introduced in parliament.

Although Nasheed’s supporters are leaving the party, Nasheed remained in the party. Nasheed has not yet announced his reason for staying in the party.