President Solih announces comprehensive national fertility care program in the Maldives

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at the opening ceremony of the Tree Top Hospital (TTH) Fertility Centre. | Photo: PO

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced on Monday that his administration is taking necessary measures to introduce a comprehensive national fertility care program.

The announcement was made during the opening ceremony of the Tree Top Hospital (TTH) Fertility Centre.

President Solih emphasized the importance of the newly established fertility clinic at TTH, highlighting its unique status in the Maldives.

He acknowledged the significant role of such fertility services in the country, particularly in providing accessible treatment options for individuals who can now stay close to their families without the need for overseas travel or risking their employment.

The President assured the TTH management of the administration’s unwavering support in further enhancing and expanding this service.

Additionally, President Solih provided insights into the administration’s efforts to implement a comprehensive fertility care program nationwide. He mentioned that authorities are conducting a thorough study of best practices and procedures from other countries.

The President stressed the need for a program that effectively caters to the requirements of those in need of such assistance.

Furthermore, the President stated that the administration is actively identifying individuals who meet the criteria for participation in the program. Extensive efforts are being made to raise awareness by disseminating fertility health information widely.

President Solih also highlighted the economic benefits of providing these services within the Maldives, including significant cost savings for individuals who would otherwise have to seek treatment abroad, which positively impacts the overall economy.

Following the inauguration, the President and First Lady visited the facility. The TTH Fertility Centre aims to offer accessible infertility treatments for Maldivians, representing a noteworthy milestone as the country’s first fertility center of its kind.