AG declines summon, Speaker to seek advice from Supreme Court

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath | Photo: AGO

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath has declined summon to the parliament as members are trying to forcefully remove him from the cabinet.

Opposition members have decided to take a no-confidence vote against AG, claiming he has failed his duties in protecting Maldivian sea in the Chagos dispute. The hearing for the no-confidence vote was scheduled for today, where Parliament will summon the cabinet minister in question allowing him to defend himself against the allegations.

However, AG Riffath refused the summon and sent a written answer for the claims against him to the parliament.

Regarding the situation, Speaker Nasheed has decided to get advice from the Supreme Court after he met with the leaders of all the parties. Nasheed said a fruitful solution was not heard in the meeting. Opposition members have argued Riffath’s actions today were unlawful and unprofessional.

MDP members argued Riffath has the right to defend and answer the allegations by written document, while all the other party members argued he must be present in the parliament with the evidence to defend against the claims.

To get a legal advice from the Supreme Court, Parliament has to pass a motion, according to article 95 of the Constitution.