AG Riffath decides to defend himself in person

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath | Photo: Majilis

Attorney General of the Maldives, Ibrahim Riffath has decided to be present at Majilis hearing regarding his no-confidence vote.

Opposition members decided to take no-confidence vote against Riffath after claiming his representation of the nation at ITLOS was not up to standards and suspected foul play in his role.

As per the Constitution, AG Riffath was given the chance to defend himself for said allegations at yesterday’s Majilis session. However, Riffath decided to exercise his right to defend himself by sending a written document instead of appearing, which caused rifts amongst members.

Speaker Nasheed informed that he will be needing advice from Supreme Court to move further as it is not clear in the Constitution what procedure lies ahead when a cabinet minister declines the summon and present only a written defense.

AG has now decided that he will, once given the chance exercise his right to speak at the parliament and defend his name. A letter was sent to the Speaker of his decision.