President Solih highlights development progress and commitment to Addu City

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at the evening dinner with the residents of Addu City. | Photo: PO

During an evening dinner with the residents of Addu City, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih attributed the administration’s current strong support from the broader Addu community to the notable progress made in the city’s development.

He announced that the administration is ready to introduce the revised framework for the disability allowance in the near future.

Regarding the issue of pay harmonisation, the President emphasized its importance in facilitating positive changes in salary structures across various industries.

He acknowledged that the completion of these endeavors had experienced delays due to the economic hardships caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, noting that, under normal circumstances, they would have already been accomplished by now.

President Solih assured that the ongoing development projects in Addu City were a direct response to the long-standing requests of the local community.

He highlighted the administration’s success in carrying out various large-scale projects that exceeded the efforts of previous administrations in providing essential services to the islands.

With the imminent completion of these ongoing projects, the President expressed confidence that there would be minimal remaining tasks to fulfill in delivering essential services.

President Solih emphasized the utmost significance placed by the administration on preserving peace and unity, affirming their unwavering dedication to this goal.

He also declared that the administration would enhance their efforts to promote gender equality and efficiently tackle the socioeconomic challenges faced by the nation.