Deputy Speaker Eva’s dismissal scheduled for tomorrow

Deputy Speaker of Maldivian Parliament and MP of North Galolhu constituency, Eva Abdulla | Photo: Majlis

The motion to remove Deputy-Speaker of Parliament, Eva Abdullah has been scheduled for tomorrow.

The rules of the parliament required the motion to impeach the Deputy Speaker to be heard today, but earlier, Parliamentary Secretary General Fathimath Niusha had said that the matter was not scheduled for today as the General Committee to arrange the session was not formed.

In a letter to a member of parliament, Niusha said today that although the General Committee has not yet arranged the meeting to announce the resolution, the rules of parliament require Eva’s case to be put on the agenda.

Pro-government MPs stopped the work of the Parliament and went on strike after the issue was not put on the agenda. Therefore, the presiding speaker adjourned the session saying that the decorum of the floor was lost.

The Speaker of Parliament, Mohammed Nasheed, has excused himself from presiding over the parliament floor because theres a no-confidence motion against him as well.

The rules state that the Speaker of Parliament shall preside over the session on which the Deputy-Speaker of Parliament is scheduled to be removed.

The number of members to speak at the meeting and the time available for speaking shall be determined by the General Committee.

However, the committee remained incomplete after several MDP members left the party. The committee has yet to re-appoint members due to disagreement between the parties.