Nasheed requests to be excused as Speaker

Speaker of Parliament, Mohammed Nasheed. | Photo: Majlis

Speaker of the Parliament, former President Mohamed Nasheed has requested to be excused from the responsibility of Speaker, says a letter sent to Secretary General Fathimath Niusha.

Nasheed has informed Secretary General that he is within his right to be excused as several members has officially submitted a motion to remove him from as the Speaker.

However, he is supposed to hold the session to remove MP Eva Abdulla as deputy speaker tomorrow. MDP MPs have submitted motion to remove Eva from Deputy Speaker position two weeks before.

The regulation for Parliament says that in a situation where a motion to dismiss Speaker, the duties fall on Deputy Speaker and vise versa.

MDP MPs have alleged Nasheed to be purposefully sabotaging Parliament’s work and has broken the law on several occasions for personal gain, of all which Nasheed strongly decline.