President Solih calls on MNDF to safeguard national unity and enhance security

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih delivering his speech at the event held to mark the 131st anniversary of the armed forces. | Photo: PO

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih urged the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) to safeguard national unity and avoid any actions that may disrupt it during his address at the commemorative event marking the 131st anniversary of the armed forces.

The President was accompanied by First Lady Fazna Ahmed, Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi, Chief of Defense Forces Major General Abdulla Shamal, and other high-ranking officials and officers.

President Solih emphasized that the armed forces hold a crucial responsibility to protect and preserve peace, stability, and harmony at both the national and individual levels. Despite global challenges, he commended their unwavering dedication to upholding the country’s independence and sovereignty.

To ensure the continued independence and sovereignty of the Maldives, President Solih stressed the importance of safeguarding and promoting regional and international security through close collaboration with other nations and international partners.

The President also acknowledged the remarkable progress and achievements made by the MNDF in recent years. He highlighted the highly educated and skilled servicemen and servicewomen who have received comprehensive military training. Additionally, he recognized the MNDF’s vital role in safeguarding the nation from threats on land, air, and sea.

President Solih outlined the government’s initiatives to improve the living conditions and wage structure of the armed forces. Plans were announced to construct 138 new housing units for servicemen and servicewomen.

Furthermore, a tender will be issued for the development of accommodations for 480 and 100 individuals in Kalhuthuhkala Koshi. The President assured that positive changes to salaries and allowances would occur once the administration’s efforts to harmonize pay are completed.

Regarding the administration’s commitment to strengthening the armed forces, President Solih discussed various accomplishments achieved over the past four years. These include significant advancements in capabilities, the acquisition of advanced weapon-firing simulators and anti-drone systems, as well as plans to enhance the Coastguard and Fire and Rescue Services.

During the ceremony, President Solih awarded medals to four retired generals and other distinguished servicemen and servicewomen who have shown exemplary dedication to the armed forces. The military in its present form was established on April 21, 1892, during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Nooraddin Siree Sundura Kaththiri Bavana Mahaaradhun.