Strongest weapon against adversaries plots is unity: President Solih

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at a ceremony on Dhiggaru Island in the Meemu Atoll to mark the completion of the island’s coastal protection project. | Photo: President’s Office

Malé, Maldives – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Thursday described our unity and brotherly bond as the strongest weapon against plots by our adversaries to destabilise the nation.

He made the statement in his address on the occasion of Victory Day.

The day is celebrated on November 3 to commemorate our victory over the failed coup d’état on the same day in 1988. Drawing lessons from the incident, the President stated that Almighty Allah grants victory to those who commit jihad in his name with unwavering faith, courage, honesty, and conviction.

The President added that the next lesson is to be vigilant against terrorist threats and plots by our adversaries to destabilise the nation. He also underlined the need to build generations of youth who will stand up to protect and defend our sovereignty and independence.

The President said that commemorating Victory Day was to strengthen our resolve and uphold the principles and values that led to our success and victory over our adversaries. He also called on members of the armed forces to promote unity on an individual and institutional level.

The brutal and deadly attack on our independence on November 3, 1988, by local discontents and aided by armed foreign mercenaries, was a dark day for the Maldives, during which 19 locals lost their lives.

[Source: President’s Office]