Dozens leave Male’ for holidays

Velana International Airport. The airport has been extremely busy catering for dozens leaving Male' for holidays. Photo: MACL

One of the most heavily dense cities in the world, Male’ City is being left by dozens as we embark the Holiday season.

This year’s Eid al-Adha and school holidays have lined up perfectly as today is the last day of students’ year and it falls on a Thursday.

Several people residing in Male’ is seen to be leaving by both air and sea. All the ports are at full capacity as people departing to their home islands, nearby islands just for holiday and abroad.

On the other hand, several people from islands have been flying in and coming in by sea for holidays and/or medical purposes, as people schedule checkups for academic year end. Hence the ports in Male’ has been extremely busy.

Government airline, Maldivian has scheduled 50 domestic flights today, 56 for tomorrow to meet the heavy demand during holiday seasons, according to local paper, Mihaaru news. Manta Air and Villa Air also has scheduled 10 per airline for these busy days, exceeding domestic flights above 70 for a single day.

MACL informed on a normal day the airport flies around 20-30 flights to different destinations in the country. But in holiday season airport becomes extremely busy.