Nasheed joins Democrats frontline

Speaker Nasheed posing for a picture outside Democrats office. Photo: The Democrats

Former President and Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has decided to join the leaders of newly founded, “The Democrats” frontline, in order to defeat President Solih in upcoming elections, party says.

While Nasheed’s closest allies left life-long MDP weeks back to find “The Democrats”, Nasheed remained in MDP until late June, trying to “reform” the party, he announced before finally leaving.

However, regaining control of MDP is his main priority even with Democrats, Nasheed said before leaving.

MP Hassan Latheef said Democrats are now working on creating a manifesto for upcoming Presidential Elections, and Nasheed will be participating in the frontline from now on.

MDP Parliamentary group has decided to oust Nasheed as Speaker of the Parliament for “breaking the laws willingly for personal gain”, leader of MDP PG MP Aslam said. MDP has also passed a motion to remove Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla before Majilis second quarter ended, however, Nasheed refused to schedule the no-confidence motion claiming he cannot perform the duties while he himself is being removed from the seat.