Nasheed’s primary target remains ‘taking back control’ of MDP

Former President and Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed. | Photo: Anni2023

The democratic values once Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) instilled are no longer being practiced, said President of the party, Mohamed Nasheed.

In a press conference held regarding Parliament’s current situation, current Speaker of the Parliament said, his main goal is to take back control of MDP. Going publicly against MDP’s most senior leader, Current President of the Maldives, a large majority of MDP Parliament Members and common members have gone against former President.

Hence, Nasheed’s lobbyists have left MDP and started the formation of a new party named, The Democrats while Nasheed still remains in MDP.

In today’s presser, he informed that even after the formation of Democrats, his target is to instill the democratic values he started with MDP and regaining its control. He remains in MDP for the sole purpose of getting the party back, Nasheed added.

Nasheed also believes, MDP’s presidential candidate, President Solih will not succeed in the upcoming elections, mainly for losing the majority of the votes that elected him in 2018. Those votes will go the Democrats, Nasheed ensured.

However, Nasheed, soon to be exiled from Speaker’s seat refused to answer any question regarding his involvement in upcoming Presidential elections.