President Solih announces land allotments for Binveriya Housing Scheme

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at the function to inaugurate the land reclamation project on Gulhifalhu Island. | Photo: PO

On Sunday, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced that the distribution of land allotments for the recipients of the ‘Binveriya’ housing program will begin in August.

He made this announcement while delivering a speech at the event to inaugurate the land reclamation project on Gulhifalhu Island.

Addressing the audience, the President described the Gulhifalhu land reclamation project as a significant development initiative that would have positive implications for the entire country, despite its location in the Malé region.

He stated that the project would bring about a transformation in the Malé region, with its most noteworthy impact being the improvement of the housing situation in the area.

In addition to providing land for the Binveriya housing scheme, the 150-hectare land reclamation project will also contribute to the development of the Gulhifalhu port.

President Solih announced that the government’s plan includes allocating 2,000 housing plots in Gulhifalhu and reserving an additional 2,000 plots for the housing scheme in Giraavarufalhu.

The process of land reclamation is currently underway in Giraavarufalhu and has already reclaimed 20 hectares of land. Under the Binveriya housing scheme, 2,200 plots will also be allocated in Hulhumalé, bringing the total number of granted land plots under the plan to 6,200.

President Solih also stated that the administration is exploring ways to increase the availability of land for residential purposes.

The President announced that the government will commence the issuance of land plots to the recipients of the Binveriya housing scheme in August, following a review of the preliminary list of beneficiaries and addressing any complaints or inquiries.

President Solih expressed the administration’s intention to continue distributing land plots until all eligible beneficiaries have received one, based on the recipient list. He further emphasized that the administration’s goal of creating a “prosperous, safe Maldives” for the people is the driving force behind every agreement, groundbreaking, and initiative undertaken.

Emphasizing that the Binveriya housing scheme is the most extensive housing initiative undertaken in the country so far, the President also highlighted the potential economic benefits of relocating the Malé Commercial Harbour and constructing an international port at Gulhifalhu.

The government has commissioned Boskalis Westminster Contracting Ltd. to undertake the Gulhifalhu land reclamation project, which will create 150 hectares of land for the Binveriya housing scheme and the Gulhifalhu Port project.