3 foreigners identified in Binveriya housing scheme: Gov’t

Akram Kamaludeen, Minister of State for National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure. | Photo: Mihaaru

The government has said that the names of three foreigners who have become residents of Maldives have been included in the list of those who will receive free land plots under the Binveriya Housing Scheme.

Planning Ministry State Minister Akram Kamaluddin, chairman of the committee, said the committee had noticed the cases of three people who had recently became Maldivian citizens.

He was responding to a social media post alleging that 10 foreigners had been given land. With a photo of a list circulating on social media, Akram said it was not true that all the people on the list being shared had received land.

Akram said the issuance of a provisional list is a process to correct such issues. In addition, the permanent list will be issued after these issues are reviewed and corrected, he said.

Planning Minister Mohammed Aslam told local media before that the first Indian man had previously been registered in another country and the system had not identified him. Aslam said that the matter has been brought to the attention of the government.

According to the rules for allocating land under the Binveriya Housing Scheme, applicants must be residents of Malé City.

The amendment to the rule in September last year to define a citizen of Malé City states that a citizen of Malé City is a person who has never been registered anywhere other than Malé City.

The Binveriya scheme is the largest housing initiative in the country and received 15,164 applications from 23,088 individuals. The scheme is aligned with the government’s commitment to providing housing and securing a life of dignity for all citizens.

The list was published in the Government Gazette and includes the names of those who were shortlisted after evaluation. The Gedhoruveringe Committee shared information on how they evaluated and finalized the list of eligible individuals.

Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam announced that applicants who applied separately from qualified candidates would also be allowed to submit joint applications, following a decision made by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The public can raise complaints or inquiries about the list from today until July 15, 2023, through the Gedhoruverin Portal.